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Posy Brewer wins Platinum AVA Digital award.

"It feels wonderful to have my hard work recognised by the rest of the communication sector. I hope it also gives my clients an idea of the quality of the voice overs they’ll be getting when they work with me.

I’m not resting on my laurels either. Achieving a Platinum Award has set the standard for the coming year – if anything, it’s challenging me to keep on aiming high"

Studio: 0203 00 66 727
ISDN: 01483 452899
Mobile: 07753 814904

Here is an updated Commercial reel of some great Radio commercials, TV commercials and TV promos that I have done.

Some of the clients and brands you will hear: Sky, Cadbury, Bon Prix, Mornflake, Piers Morgans Life Stories, Lindt chocolate, Calpol, Smooth Radio, Olay, Superdrug…

A variety of different reads from smooth, seductive to upbeat and natural to young and excited. I hope you like the variety. I provide a range of different voices to suit your project.

Most of these ads were recorded in my new recording studio which was done last year and has taken the name ‘The Purple Palace’. Some producers, or should I say one in particular calls it, ‘The Purple One’ – Just like the great quality chocolate you get from Quality Street! A great versatile voiceover with a smooth, enticing and indulgent voice with a bit of huskiness on top- like a cappuccino in fact (hence the catch-name “The Cappuccino Voice”!)

Anyway side tracking, so back to the important voiceover stuff. Please do have a listen to Commercial Reel 2015 and hope you like what you hear!

New Voice Reel



C W Executive Car Hire.

Tel: 01689 859555 / Fax: 01689 860854 / Mobile: 077689 61339

This is a Luxury Chauffeur Service, excutive travel at its finest run by Peter Gardner.

The cars are top specification 'S' Class Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz Viano people carriers and 7 Series BMW's with air conditioning, mobile telephones and satellite navigation; all part of their commitment to offering quality, comfortable and reliable travel.

Contact Peter Gardner to satisfy your luxury travel needs -  Direct Dial CM Executive Cars from the home page.


Arveys Catering

Arveys Catering has been in the business for over 20 years. They can cater a maximum of 120 and serve the finest veggie bake, steak and stilton pie and some fabulous light alternatives.

Deborah has a warm and friendly personaility and is great choice to deal with. An excellent choice for a short film or television shoot with less than 120 people.

You can direct dial Deborah from the Home Page visit her web site or send her an email.