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Awards Round up

The race is on to see who will come out with the most awards.

The big three are The Oscars, The BAFTAS and the Golden Globes.

With the Golden Globes finished, all eyes are now on Britain. To be Held Feb 8th.

IMDB has the best comparrison round up.

Best actor and actress categories are difficult to call this year. So much so that Meryl Streep received a nomination for supporting actress, for Into the Woods, when she was clearly the lead actress. 

Can anyone beat Eddie Redmayne in teh best actor category?  It was one of those times, like Tom Hanks where you just knew he could clear the board. This is not to say that Steve Carrell or Michael Keaton did not give flawless performances. An excellent line up, this might not be a good year to place a bet.